Shows Reviews


“…From the first note to the last, our entire audience had to keep picking their jaws up off the floor…”
– Robson Valley Music Festival

“…They had the crowd grooving from the first note, top quality musicianship mixed with driving energy, a true power trio..”
– Kispiox Valley Music Festival

“..The Gabriel Palatchi Trio proved to be quite popular at the Islands Folk Festival – They drew a good crowd – The crowd loved them, both listening  to them and dancing to them..”
– Island Folk Music Festival

“…Their live performance awed the crowds and left people wanting more..our favourite artist among the first class line up for JAZZ ETC’s 20th anniversary… He’s absolutely tops in Latin Jazz. Got it all: Tango, Flamenco, Salsa, Funk & Rock!.”
– Kaslo Jazz Etc Festival

“…It is impossible to leave a performance unsatisfied. Energy and passion, combined with skill, and a true love for music, has resulted in the dynamic musical juggernaut that is the Gabriel Palatchi trio.” 
– Feel Good Folly Festival

“…Their delivery of Latin-flavoured jazz whet the appetite of the audience, got them on their feet moving, and left them thirsty for more. ..”
– Waterloo Jazz Festival

“…The trio had the audience exploding in bursts of applause as they delivered heart-palpitating solos, and even got some spectators to take to the dance floor.
– Rossland Miners hall

“…The music encompassed the room and a thrilled audience unleashed, none of us could stop moving.. the evening was a powerhouse of sensations…”
– Kelowna Jazz Society

“…Combining jazz-funk with music of his home country of Argentina and of his Jewish heritage, Palatchi shows his own style of virtuosity on piano and organ keyboards…”
– Tango & Latin Festival

“..This show was a must see!..”
– Beatniq Jazz Club

The piano concert by Gabriel was spectacular, he far surpassed previous solo performances that I had attended. His selection of tunes, his own and several others were perfect. He carried us along in increasing depths of dynamics and emotions. Gabriel plays with a passion and sensitivity unhindered by any deficit of technique or capacity. I hear his heart when he plays. It was indeed a very magic evening of piano. He entertains, he moves and leaves one feeling rich for being there. Superb!!
– Ross Steed – House concert host

“It was my absolute pleasure to host a house concert featuring Gabriel Palatchi. Not only are his talent and music beyond anything one can imagine or describe, but his connection to the audience, in this intimate setting, made for an unforgettable evening. The most amazing musical journey I have been able to experience!
– Beth Hargreaves – House concert host