Gabriel Palatchi confirma una vez más su posición como uno de los mejores músicos del momento con su tercer álbum ” Trivolution ” ! … sin duda su flexibilidad para componer e interpretación es fantástico …”
– JAZZ CARIBE (reseña completa)

“..Un trabajo hecho con dedicación y auténtico sentido de pertenencia hacia sus raíces. Disfrutable y pegadizo de principio a fin..viene a aportar un espíritu renovado en el ajetreado camino de este tipo de formas del género, dejando una semilla para las generaciones futuras..”
– IMPRONTA DE JAZZ (reseña completa)

“… Trivolution es un viaje ecléctico y multicultural , un paquete vibrante y variado…el joven pianista argentino Gabriel Palatchi..un experimento musical cros-género en Trivolution que , por ahora , es algo a esperarse de Palatchi cuya revolucionaria música es cada vez más de la norma y no la excepción , asegurando a este talentoso músico , un lugar único en el paisaje siempre cambiante de jazz, bien hecho !
– ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM (reseña completa)

“…Gabriel Palatchi es vigorosa y volátil, su música está llena de ritmo enérgico, y figuraciones dinámicas…El pianista presenta un flujo constante de nuevos colores en Trivolution y este maravilloso aspecto del álbum captura la naturaleza lírica de su pianismo. Palatchi emplea la dinámica de amplio alcance, irrupciones repentinas, musicales y energía rítmica compleja, donde los musicos se encuentran igualmente involucrados en esta nueva música emocionante…”
 – WORLD MUSIC REPORT (reseña completa)

El nuevo sonido Latino-americano,Gabriel Palatchi
Cuando uno tiene la suerte de cruzarse con uno de los grupos mas creativos de estos ultimos años, se os queda un sabor de ” Se vale repetir plato”.
Una receta para paladares exigentes…
Gabriel Palatchi , acompaña los cambios sociales, economicos y brotes democraticos de America Latina, inovando, fusionando y cicatrizando heridas del pasado,en su nuevo album 2015 TRIVOLUTION.

“… Trivolution fusiona el jazz moderno, con sabores latinos, motivos mediterráneos y de tango post moderno…es una forma moderna de música, que borra los límites entre los géneros y une al oyente en un mar sonoro de formas y colores ..”

“…Los ritmos enérgicos y variados son una visita obligada para los amantes del jazz mundial, la música sudamericana y brebajes psycho -funk . Trivolution es un excelente álbum. Únete a la diversión !
– INSIDE WORLD MUSIC (reseña completa)

“…Trivolution logra despertar nuestros sentidos y estremecer a nuestros tímpanos, algo que ya viene siendo muy común con cada entrega de Palatchi…”
– SALSA SON TIMBA CALI COLMBIA  (reseña completa)

“..Trivolution” sigue demostrando su habilidad y talento para reunir a una mezcla ecléctica de la música en forma de buen gusto y agradable. Sus raíces y viajes mundiales se reflejan en todo el álbum ampliando sus lanzamientos anteriores , tanto en la complejidad de sus composiciones y el sonido ajustado de su banda…”


“…Caja Musical nos presenta 11 cortes entre los cuales podemos apreciar una fusión de diversas culturas musicales que convergen en un jazz muy latino y nos adentran poco a poco en un espacio mítico, ese espacio en el tiempo es sin duda alguna la Caja que Gabriel Palatchi construyo junto a más de 20 músicos invitados a través de su música enseñarnos e ilustrarnos sobre una nueva perspectiva, la misma que hemos podido evidenciar desde su anterior producción y que en este nuevo CD continua enfocándonos hacia un mundo de muchas diversidades que encuentran una conexión, un punto en el cual todas tienen algo en común.

– SALSA SON TIMBA CALI (reseña completa)

“…Caja Musical is a veritable panoply of celebratory music…this shared love for music is what has helped make Caja Musical one of the more sophisticated recordings that feature such a fine blend of music… He is a truly gifted virtuoso pianist and a charming and mature composer. ..The music here is authentic and takes the soul deep into the heartland of Argentina. Consequently the listener is magically transported into a place of stately music and a carnival atmosphere all at once…”Caja Musical” will be remembered for a long time to come and also bodes well for the pianist future…”
Raul Da Gama – World Music Report (Full review here)

“…Again, Palatchi is in his element, serving up a mix of styles and capturing the essence of each one…Palatchi himself has no trouble staking out his own territory amid the ruckus, check Palatchi out: he practically oozes talent.
David Bertrand Wilson – W & A Records (full review here)

“…On his new recording adventure called Caja Musical or ‘Music Box’ his band displays a blend of nonchalance and virtuosity that would not be out of place out west. .. His new ‘Music Box’ flips seamlessly from genre to genre. Over a foundation of Latin Jazz, Palatchi and his crack band of 20 hand-picked musicians work in elements of tango, Balkan, samba, salsa funk, Milonga and even klezmer. …The portmanteau titles of Caja Musical’s ten tracks emphasize Palatchi’s proficiency at mix and matching. 
Cal Koat – Music Critic – Radio Laurier


“…A well-travelled person who ventures beyond his home country, garners a wealth of experience having the benefit of exploring the different cultures, life styles and yes, music of the world. This sterling debut documents a musical journey embracing elements of Argentinian tango, funk, Afro-Cuban rhythms and a touch of “other” strains—all wrapped up into an interesting set of Latin jazz. With reimagined folk songs, a taste of tango, a touch fusion and electronica sounds among the groves of Afro-Cuban/Latin rhythms in the mix, Diario de Viaje is an unconventional Latin jazz projects that actually works quite well here. Pianist Gabriel Palatchi provides a worldly perspective on the traditional Latin jazz sound and with this impressive debut, stakes his claim as one of the new young lions of Latin jazz…” (full review)

” …The brightest aspect of Diario de Viaje is the manner in which the ensemble melds together with Palatchi. He works the idioms and metaphors of various not-so-disparate cultures into a fine homogenous mixture that is both delightful and also quite full of surprise. As a result he is able to create a fresh look at the popular musical motifs of Argentina, Perú, Colombia, Mexico and Cuba.He is a skilled pianist, who plays with refreshing virtuosity. His mastery of the keyboard does not detract from his ability to play with nuanced expression. His style is so adaptable that he can play with fine tumbao, holding forth with some of the better known pianists of Cuba and other parts of South America. His grasp of musical form is exquisite—especially with the song-form of the tango, as well as cumbia and son montuno. However, he is innovative as well—not just with the way he calls/classifies the melodies, but also how he sometimes turns these inside out. The real stand out work on this album is how Palatchi re-imagines traditional musical art forms, and this can only come from a grassroots expedition throughthe Southern part of this great continent, and an intermingling with musicians who are deeply committed to keeping the folklore alive, yet not in a stale and stagnant way, but alive and breathing and growing. The beautiful manner in which Palatchi melds old segments of folk music in to the transitions from one of his compositions to the next provides just the right contrast between old and new. It also shows playful ingenuity with the tradition of South American music that is evolving and growing in popularity, thanks to the spiritedness of young musicians such as Gabriel Palatchi…”
– Latin Jazz Network (full review)

“An intelligent and diverse musical excursion. Top notch musicianship, inventive arrangements and elegant form. A nod to past tradition with a modern and refreshing twist. Pianist, Palatchi was born in Argentina and clearly has knowledge of a great variety of more traditional musical styles, he however infuses them with his own expression and musical interpretation to create a traveler’s vision which many will enjoy. Great production as well! Hats off to Gabriel Palatchi”
Laura Fernandez – JAZZ FM91.1 Toronto.

“…Gabriel incorporates lively tones and rhythms that are well-suited for the Afro-Cuban, Latin-jazz, and South American aficionado. The classical melodies echo back to the spy-thriller soundtracks of the 1970s or 80s throughout South America, USA, and even Bollywood. The slightly funkadelic tunes–notably, “Electroshock,” “Raices,” and “Chilangotango”–transcend musical boundaries and eras with catchy, musical numbers fun for the whole family. The mostly instrumental tunes are great for relaxing, dancing, and contemplating the meaning of Latin-jazz in a modern context. Importantly, a sense of musical realism and creative authenticism cuts across genres, generations, and geographic locales. The creative spirit of Gabriel’s band makes Diario de Viaje (Travel Diary) well worth the journey down to your locale music store or online retailer.”
Matthew Forss –

“… The colours and textures on Diario de Viaje shift radically from track to track. Neither does the piano man restrict himself to the traditional 88 keys of the flip top grand. Palatchi is equally adept at the montuno of Cuban jazz piano, the analog synth soloing of disco’s heyday and funking up the mighty Hammond B3. As a matter of fact, Diario de Viaje flows in that general direction. The dark chords of the opener, El Paisa play in stark contrast to the sunny Cuban rhythms that follow. It’s the first indication that you’re about to have your preconceptions of Latin music turned on end. Through rumba guitar to twisted cumbia to gentle jazz of Por vos to the big brass breaks of Inspiracion Tulumena … on the journey goes, until the album closes with the turntable scratches of Electroshock and a grab bag of rock, funk and salsa called Raices. This travel diary includes snapshots of the players who came along for the adventure; I count 21 in all. I love debut albums precisely for all the reasons stated above. They give the listener true insight into the breadth and scope of the artist and his vision. In the case of Gabriel Palatchi and his Diario de Viaje, it’s a trip well worth taking.”
– Cal Koat – (Full review)

“When I listened to Gabriel Palatchi’s Diario de Viaje (Travel Diary) I found myself traveling along with him in his journey. The countries where he has lived and the cultures that he has experienced have been tastefully represented in this recording of all original material – a recording that cannot be pigeonholed into any one particular music genre because it is truly a fusion of world rhythms. Gabriel’s ability on the piano/keyboard to switch from one rhythm to another, from one melody to another, while at the same time a talented group of musicians follow along makes this one of the most enjoyable recordings I have listened to in a long time. Congratulations Gabriel! I anxiously await the next journey.”
-Orlando Suarez – Radio Host of WDNA Latin Jazz Quarter

…This fusion of styles comes from various countries, cultures and religions. There is some excellent flute playing, some funky guitar or beautiful acoustic flamenco guitar playing, trombone, trumpet, alto and baritone sax solos as well, even groovy organ playing, and for the tango feel a bandoneon is included, all underpinned by exotic rhythms. The leaders clean latin piano playing is strong and evident troughout, grooving and adapting in his own way to what’s happening rhythm wise. Certanly a highly musical journey trough various exciting and entertaining cultural rythms that seems to inspire the musicians. Bravo maestro for a very good debut album.”
– Don Albert – Music critic – Newstime Jazzaholic Southafrica.

Gabriel Palatchi, a 28-year-old native of Buenos Aires, zigzagged his way north to Toronto, Ont. via Mexico and Cuba, among other stops, hooking up with lively musical collaborators along the way. The resulting 10-track disc spans the stylistic spectrum from Latin-infused jazz to tango to flat-out dance tracks — all tied together with Palatchi’s superb keyboard skills.”
– John Terauds– Music critic – The Star.

This album has all the necessary ingredients where Gabriel Palatchi has handled very well the elements of modern jazz with Afro-Cuban and Afro-Latin yet without losing the essence and tradition of these styles…”
Hilario Duran – Cuban Pianist composer and arranger.

“…Diario de Viaje” is an excellent Latin based CD. It is nice music and covers a number of styles. Gabriel’s youthful flair often takes the music beyond the traditional to an interesting and fun place…”

– Gusti Callis – Artistic director -Radio conductor “Straight No Chaser “ FM 93.5 Nelson, BC