Diario de Viaje


Soar on a musical tour south of the border and experience the energy and rhythms of the Gabriel Palatchi Band. His much anticipated debut CD “Diario de Viaje” (Travel Diary) was the result of cumulative and inspired experiences acquired during his travels throughout Argentina, Cuba and Mexico. With deep roots in afro-cuban and latin jazz, he has fused together an original sound and style of music that includes Tango, Jewish, Salsa, Electronic and Funk. Joined by a diverse group of international talented musicians,  Gabriel Palatchi Band promise an experience that will take you on a journey to the backstreets of Havana and beaches of South  America.

All songs, arrangements and lyrics composed by Gabriel Palatchi
Music Copyrighted by Sacem Mexico 2010
Recorded at Centenario Studios by Juan Manuel Ledezma, Mexco City.
Mix and post production at Aguasanta productions by Allan Weitz and Ramos Arcos Bouchez, Mexico City.
Mastered at Zampol productions, New York.
Design and art by Eduardo Begun.

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Gabriel Palatchi – Piano, hammond and synthesizers
Gabriel Gonzalez – Electric Bass
Chema Gonzalez – Drums, timbales and bata
Manuel Gonzalez – Congas and bata
Alfredo Pino – Trumpet
Rey Alejandre David – Trombone
El “Bola” – Flute
Daniel Zlotnik – Baritone sax
Juan Manuel Ledezma – Electric guitar
Camio Nu – Spanish guitar and arabian percussion on track 2
Gerry Lopez – Alto sax
Rafael Perez – Bandoneon
El “Roli” – Vocals on track 1, 3 and 6
Gabriela Rivera – Vocals on track 6 and 7
Bulmaro Borja – Vocals on track 5
Beny Swart – Viola on track 2
Adrian Challiou – Sopran sax on track 10
Jorge Brauet – Baritone Sax on track 1 and 5
Alex Guardiola  – Trumpet on tracks 1 and 5
Allan Weitz – Scratching, electronic sequence and effects on track 9
Ramon Arcos Bouchez – Electronic sequence and effects on track 8